Super Dungeon Explore

Super Dungeon Explore – Shadow Mode Candy

Soooo close!

I promised myself I wouldn’t paint (or buy) any additions to Super Dungeon Explore before I had completed the Forgotten King box. I was one mini short (Boris) when I found Shadow Mode Candy in Leisure Games.

Boris is half finished so all things equal, Shadow Mode Candy can take his place for the time being.

She’s been super fun to paint. Gradient hair was difficult. Gave me grey hair, but I’m happy with the result.

The sword was another challenge as the last 25% of the sword had not been cast, so I had to create the tip from green stuff.

I chose to stick to a blue-ish colour scheme as much as possible to really create a colour centre around her face and hair.

Taking on some advice from my partner, I also tried to add some eye lashes out on the side of her eyes similar to what you see in female anime/manga characters. Again, happy with the result.