Dungeons and Dragons Dwarves Undead

Dungeons & Dragons – Mob of Dwarven Undead (multiple manufacturers)

I spent quite a long time looking for Dwarven undead and was quite proud of the gang I had painstakingly collected, so when I found the Macrocosm box of dwarven skellies, it was with mixed feelings. However, I still think the gang I’ve collected is a pretty cool team and I painted their bases in […]

Dungeons and Dragons Undead

Dungeons & Dragons – Vampire Countess (Avatars of War)

Saw this miniatures years ago but didn’t have a use for it (I tend to paint only what I need for playing). And although our D&D party is nowhere near at the level where they can fight vampires, I still think the chance they might one day is a good enough reason to buy and […]