Wargames Unlimited

The Fantasy game No Quarter and it’s newly arrived Sci-Fi brother No Limits are completly free generic wargames systems which can be downloaded from the offical sites (No Quarter website and No Limits website).

But be careful not to make the mistake of thinking these are lower quality games just because they are free. In fact most games cannot claim to reach the quality level of these two games both the brainchild of Mocaiv

So what does “Free” mean and what does it take to make a No Quarter/ No Limis force?

Well “Free” mean that the rules are free, it also means you have the freedom to use whatever miniatures you like. Have som old VOR growlers you do not know what to do with? No worries, make a No Quarter Fantasy force with them. What to buy some of those nice Grymms but don’t know what to use them for? No Limits is the answer to that.

However there aren’t any cut in stone force books for neither game. You have to use the core rules to create your own force list and I am going to explore how to do this and what to do on the Gettting Started page.

Anyway, go download the rules and have a read through, they are simple but very VERY solid rules. And I am sure you will love the freedom they give you and your miniatures. Have fun.