Bad Moon Warband Ogryn Mob Space Wolves (2nd Edition) Warhammer 40K

Warhammer 40.000, 2nd edition Bad Moon Vs Space Wolves skirmish (500 points)

Showed my wife how to play Warhammer 40.000 using 2nd edition rules. She’s a seasoned D&D and boardgame player so she picked it up fast.

She took the Space Wolves while I brought my “trusty” Bad Moons.

Good back and forth until the wolves charged and while the big teef Orks held out for a while, ultimately they were destroyed by the fanged marines.

Set up / turn 1

The board is rather small, but it worked for showing the game.

Turn 2: Ogryn charged

Turn 3:  Nobs advance. Ogryns fall.

Turn 4: Ragnar and Grey Hunters charge the Nobs

Turn 5: Ragnar and wolves charge the Bad Moon Warboss

Warboss falls to Ragnar’s blade. Deja Vu?

Turn 6: The Space Wolves finish the last Bad Moons