Oldhammer Projects Space Wolves (2nd Edition) Warhammer 40K

Warhammer 40.000, 2nd: Space Wolves – Banners

To be fair I always thought the banners on wh40k minis was absurd. So I didn’t make any for my Orks, but my Space Wolves came with banner poles so I decided to make some banners.

The Grey Hunter Sergeant and Corporal have matching banners each sporting half of the head of the Fenris Wolf from Nordic mythology  to match the viking aesthetics of the Space Wolves.

With the Long Fang Sergeant I wanted to up the game to match their deadliness so I depicted the end of times, Ragarok, when the Fenris Wolf will eat the sun and plunge the world into eternal darkness.

The Blood Claw Sergeant and Corporal each got matching blood red claws. Done.

With Bjorn’s banner, I decided to modify another iconic scene from Nordic mythology:

When the war god Tyr calms the Fenris Wolf placing his arm in its massive jaw, while the other gods wrapped an unbreakable chain around the wolf’s neck.

As they tighten the chain, Fenris snapped his jaws shut and bit off Tyr’s arm.

I replaced Tyr with a Space Marine.