Bad Moon Warband Rouge Trader

Warhammer 40.000 – Rogue Trader – Weirdboy Warphead with Mad Boyz retinue (Games Workshop)

I had to look up if this Weird Warphead miniature was from Rogue Trader era or 2nd edition as I don’t remember seeing it back in the days. But it is listed here as 1991 and since 2nd ed came out in 1993, it must be Rogue Trader. it has been a real joy painting these 5. I normally paint what I need to play so often under pressure to get minis painted in time, but some times I get a chance to paint some minis like these just for the fun of it. And it certainly was. Choosing colour scheme to make sure they stand out as Freebooters from the regular clans was fun too and I am happy with the colours that in hindsight reminds me of this Harlequin mini I painted years ago. Very fitting as a) I wanted the mob to look a bit jester-ish and b) that harlequin mini is from Freebooters Miniatures.

The mob all together

The Weirdboy Warphead

Note I painted them all in the same colours. I imagine the Mad Boyz basically are copying what the Warhead is wearing.

Melankolik Mad Boy

Deliriak Mad Boy

Savant Mad Boyz

Unfortunately, I got 2 Savants as Mad Boy minis are hard to find, but they are fun minis, so that’s ok.

The full Bad Moon army with the Weirdboy Warphead and his gang

Fun with old blisters