Confrontation by Rackham has existed as game for quite a while at the time writing this (sept, 2008) but I never got into the game as other games got in the way (first VOR, then Dark Age, then Warmachine).

This is actually quite strange as I have always really really love the Rackham miniatures esspecially since they remind me of my favorite fantasy film which “The Labyrinth”. If you don’t know why, see the photos below.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I hooked up with Mocaiv and Bootcamp to play some VOR as the game is set to return this winter. After we’ve finished we had a game of Confrontation, my first, and to my surprise it turned out to be a mixture of skirmish game and a collectable card game.

Being old Magic player (and Shadowfist player and Star Wars Young Jedi player) I really liked this system. Plus I have always loved smaller sized game where “you can’t quite fit everything you want in your army” as Bootcamp put it.

To my dismay the guys told me that Rackham for some weird-ass reason has decided to discountinue their metal miniature line in favour for pre-painted plastic miniatures. Ebay here I come…