Cynwäll Elves

Cynwäll Elves


I don’t like playing with an unpainted army so while painting my Orcs of the Behemoth (where each miniature takes quite a while to paint) I have started an army choose to be quick to paint.

For this paint-to-play army I have chosen Cynwäll Elves; Only need few models, they are cool and I have an idea for a quick paintscheme:

  • Prime all white.
  • Paint all armour light blueish grey, ink it with a darker grey and highlight with the light blueish grey followed by white.
  • All clothes, capes etc gets a wash of light, greenish grey, then highlighted with white.
  • While painting the first minis, Cynwäll Asadars, I also decided to paint all blades in a light marble fashion to add some details to the minitatures.