Campaign: Daisygate Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons – Daisygate Chapter 22: Daddy Ghoul

Stuck in the future where all the gods and godlike powers have been displaced by a furious Fey attack using the forest itself, our heroes are working to bring their patrons back.

Braxton Silvereyes, an elderly man who helped the players when they first arrived in this future, asked the heroes for help as a friend of his have had her house invaded by an evil wizard.

The information triggered a bad physic reaction our Erathis devout, the Tabaxi Cleric Feather, who passed out due to violent images of his goddess being tortured.

Once Feather had recovered, the party immediately left to investigate a Erathis temple ruin deep in the forest at the edge of the Fey forest.

DM intermission

Here is my DM notes, next to the whole mini dungeon, I made for this game, laid out.


Arriving at the temple ruin

The heroes arrived at the temple ruin hearing thumbing and chopping sounds from the right of the temple, the side with the Fey Forest. They could also see some smoke coming from behind the temple.

The Firelock

Knowing the dangers of the Fey Forest, the party went left around the temple to investigate the fire.

It turned out to be a fire infused Deadlock seemingly tasked with burning the encroaching Fey Forest.

unfortunately a both stealth move by the normally otherwise graceful Alyanys the Warlock, caught the attention of this Firelock and combat ensued.

But it was a short fight, as Feather the Cleric turned the Firewight who in fear ran away. from the Cleric.. straight into the waiting Fey Forest!

Entering the frontgates

The party did a quick survey for a hidden door at the back before heading to the front and through the ajar front gate.

In front of them they faced three identical doors with a big letter scripture above saying “Faith is to believe what you do not see”.

Without any further guidance, the party had no choice but to kick in a random door… which unleashed a mighty Cyclops Skeleton.

The Dwarven Barbarian Grimshaw and the Paladin Damon went head to head with the Cyclops.

However, things were about to get worse as the noise had attracted the army of skeletons fighting the Fey Forest outside and too late the party realised they had left the gate open!

Feather, the Cleric ran to the door but was not strong enough to hold it on his own and soon skeletons flooded in.


Yikes! Spikes!

Having dispatched the Cyclops Skeleton and finally managed to close the front gate, the party quickly opened another door just in time to see the skeletons come flooding over the actual walls.

The door led to a corridor with spikes for floors!

Grimshaw held the outer door while Alyanys and Feather crossed the spikes with levitation spells and claws and Damon passed them a rope to hang across the room.

As the skeletons burst in, Damon grabbed Grimshaw and the two swung themselves across to safety.

Or so they thought!

The Skeletons did not stop and kept advancing on the party who to their horror realised the spikes were just an illusion and would in no way slow the wave of skellies.

The party was again forced to advance, through the door to the inner temple.

The inner temple

Grimshaw blocked the outer door with his immovable stone while the rest of the party surveyed the situation: The inner temple was filled with disgusting Ghouls all with a too familiar glint of intelligence in what was left of their blood shot eyes.

Behind a pillar to the far left corner, they could hear a foul voice uttering indistinguishable words of magic.

It was a fierce and bitter battle with the much tougher Ghouls and with the Necromancer in the corner summoning them from the pile of bodies he was standing in, the battle looked dire.

The party decided to focus on the Necormancer and Alyanys struck the final blow using a wall of flames.

The battle was won! Or was it?

A soul scattering laughter rose from the flames. Feather and Alyanys sought emotional comfort from the close by Paladin Damon, but Grimshaw, engaged in battle elsewhere, felt the icy grip on his soul and routed.

DM note, a moment of panic as the closest way to flee for the dwarf was through the door behind which there was oceans of skeletons. But equally, the dwarf could flee towards the Fey Forest. Neither solution particularly appealing. In the end the player rolled randomly, and the dwarf fled into the Fey Forest.

Grimshaw ran straight into the Fey Forest to get away from the soul crunching laughter.

Daddy Ghoul

The rest of the party saw glimpses of the corpses from the corpse pile forming themselves into a massive undead monster that stepped through the flames healing its burns as it went straight for them in rage of the party having killed the Necromancer.

The undead giant proved a dangerous foe, knocking Feather the Cleric unconscious twice.

In the end Damon the Paladin cast Magic Circle and trapped the creature in a pillar of light allowing Erathis herself to step out of her prison and disintegrate the enormous beast.

DM note, Writing the above, I just realised that Magic Circle has a casting time of 1 minute. Lesson learned.


The players emerged victorious.

Erathis rewarded them all for their bravery and had a special gift for Feather her faithful champion.

Returning back the “-‘s Last Rest” tavern, Damon met Braxton Silvereyes outside.

The old man had recovered his memories and with that, his divine powers being in fact, Bahamut. In front of Damon’s eyes, and only Damon’s eyes, he transformed to the mighty Platinum Dragon and his 7 canaries became his 7 Golden Dragon Guardians once again.

Before he left, he granted Damon a special gift.