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Dungeons & Dragons – Fomorian (Wizkids)

When I started up Dungeons & Dragons last year, I started with a team of people either completely new to RPGs or had some limited experience back in school.

That, combined with the fact that I have to relearn a game I hadn’t played for over 20 years, meant I focussed on creatures both they and I would recognise from books, movies etc. creatures like goblins, trolls, elves, orcs, hags, wyverns, unicorns etc.

I did plan to introduce more unfamiliar adversaries this year, but the Fomorian is one of those monsters I quickly skipped past in the Monster Manual. The name is weird, and while the drawing was great, it didn’t convey the size so I figured it was some kind of Ghoul.

BUT then my financee bought me the Fomorian miniature from Wizkids and it did surprise me: It is a Giant! … I had not realised that.

Furthermore, to give the players at least some unfamiliarity last year, I did have them phase in and out of the Feywild here and there and the Fomorian has a nice background story to match.

And… I love the Evil Eye! What a cool characteristic and great fun that the “Curse of the Evil Eye” can linger well beyond the battle itself.

Painting the miniature was hard. I find painting on such large surfaces tough and I actually painted it twice, first round was just bad.

And while i am happy with the result, I recognise it isn’t the best in the world. But for the purpose of bringing it to the table, it will do and the Evil Eye itself is enough to hammer home the oddness of this giant.