Terrain and Scenery

Dungeons & Dragons – Gaming board set 15 – Rocky plains

We will soon begin a new Dungeons & Dragons campaign that will most likely take place on a lush mountainside.

While I do have a small, grassy Ultimate Dungeon Terrain I wanted something that felt more like wet, northern mountain/hill terrain.

I normally make terrain that is fairly modular, but still with a cinematic feel.

But with this board, I wanted to take it a step further in that the board itself isn’t just plains, but has rocky elements to it, some wetland hints and a little walkway across the wetlands.

But all still fairly flat so I can add terrain scatter to it.

I am really happy with the result and created a few quick hill scatter in the same theme.

Making of…

1. Bash up the XPS board with a heavy stone. Tip from Runehammer.

2. Glue rock shapes on and paint with a mix of black and dark green.

3. Drybrush heavily with lighter green. Rocks painted dark grey and drybrushed with light grey.

4. paint all the grassy areas with PVA glue and drizzle flock over it. I used two types: A dark steppen type and a lighter plains type for variety. With a board this size I can definitely recommend using two types to give natural variety rather than a uniform golf course feel.