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Dungeons & Dragons – Kobolds – Batch 2 (Otherworld Miniatures)

As mentioned in the red batch, I think the Kobolds from Otherworld Miniatures are so full of character and great minis too.

Since then, I have field the Kobolds and while our heroes didn’t enjoy the encounter so much (the players did), I had a blast as I decided to mimic the behaviour of the “Rumpenisser” (“Rumphobs” in English) from the movie “Ronja Røverdatter“… it’s recently been remade as a Netflix TV series called “Ronya Robberdaughter”.

Basically, the Rumphobs do not talk directly to other people and they say “Whatfor?!?” a lot.

My Kobolds do something similar in that they do not speak directly to other races and they start every sentence with “Why…”.


  • Hero: “Excuse me can we pass through your village?”
  • Kobold 1: “Why is she asking whether she can pass through our village?”
  • Kobold 2: “Why, I don’t know.”
  • Kobold 1: “Why that’s weird”.
  • Kobold 2: “Why yes indeed.”

This makes it both alien and frustrating to communicate with them and brings a whole new fun challenge to the players.

No such thing as too many Kobolds!