Bebbie's Bar Dungeons and Dragons Terrain and Scenery

Dungeons & Dragons – Medieval Tavern (Zealot Miniatures)

When it comes to bigger terrain features and boards, I normally build them myself. It comes from a long history of being a tabletop wargamer where terrain by and large is: The board, some hills for troops with ranged weapons and some walls/ruins for everybody else to hide behind!

With Dungeons & Dragons, the scenery benefit from being more nuanced and in in the course of the year I’ve enjoyed painting little terrain scatter such as tables, pillars, etc and quite a few of the bits have come from Zealot Miniatures as they make some fantastic stuff.

However, Zealot also makes some bigger pieces such as buildings and I fell in love with their Medieval Tavern, which seems like the perfect inn for Bebbie, the Beholder Bartender.

Yes, I could have built it myself, but it wouldn’t have all the thought-through details that this building has so I bought it.

It is the single largest miniature I have ever painted. In hindsight, assembling it and THEN painting it was a bad choice. I should have painted the pieces individually.

Anyway, happy with the result and I want to give a shout to Black Magic Craft’s video on painting stoneworks and creating homemade washes as I used both those techniques with results I’m really happy with.


I also floorboards so I can use the tavern as more than a line-of-sight blocker in future games. More on the floorboards here.