Dungeons and Dragons Oneshots

Dungeons & Dragons – OneShot: Escape from the Slaughter Basement

Not entirely sure how this happened, but I was chatting to the two friends I’ve known the longest (30+ years by now) about getting together in Denmark and somehow it turned into: Let’s play a D&D oneshot

Now, the two of them have very different backgrounds in roleplaying games: One used to play D&D and Shadowrun solidly for a lot of years while stationed in the barracks (he is in the army). The other played a bit of Drager of Dæmoner back when I picked up the game in mid-8os but that’s about it.

Not really knowing how much they actually wanted to play and the fact we didn’t have a lot of time, I decided to make a oneshot that was simple and quick to play… but started in the middle of the fray!

I decided to use the “Prisoners of Molok” from the Runehammer Youtube channel as I had an idea of how to turn it into a complete game based on a previous oneshot I made called “Come on Baby Light my Lighthouse” where the big baddie a crazy Alchemisty-Scientist trying to raise a Flesh Golem. Yes…. IT’S ALIVE!!!

The characters they chose were:

  • Blue Dragonborn Bloodhunter
  • Half-elf Sorcerer

Room 1: The Make-shift Prison

  • The characters wake up, sorcerer chained to a pillar, gagged. The Bloodhunter trapped inside a shabby cage.
  • They wake up to the screams of a Goblin being dragged to a big, bloody table by two Ghouls.
  • Before they can do anything, the Ghouls proceed to put the Goblin on the table and chops off one of his arms by the elbow with a rusty cleaver.
  • By now the Sorcerer has actually managed to free himself and the Bloodhunter had found a way to break the cage door.
  • The characters waited until the Ghoul with the severed arm left the room and then dispatched of the second Ghoul.
  • After a painfully difficult conversation with the bleeding Goblin who spoke only a very few words of Common, the heroes left the room.

Room 2: The Goblin hold-up

  • The heroes had left the prison and walked down the hall and noticed a huge hole in the ceiling but the smooth walls made it impossible to scale.
  • The hall then led them to a huge room with a flood of Skeletons attacking a DIY barricade that was the only protection for a couple of Goblins and the Goblin Boss Gnimsh.
  • In the middle of the room was a Deathlock busy raising more Skeletons. The heroes attacked the Deathlock but had little luck even damaging it.
  • However, it quickly became clear that while the heroes distracted the Deathlock, it was unable to raise more skeletons leaving the Goblins able to kill of the Skellies.
  • Once all Skeletons were removed, the Deathlock vanished.
  • Gnimsh spoke better Common and it became clear that this establishment was the home of a small Goblin clan, but a crazy alchemist / necromancer type character had arrived and launched a full scale attack on the Goblins with his band of Ghouls and Skeletons. He also told them to use the tattoo on Ghoul’s head to move up the hole in the ceiling. Finally he gave the players a silver necklace for good luck.
  • Finally the heroes persuaded Gnimsh to join them.

Room 3: The Ghostly Guard

  • However, having been sucked up through the hole in the ceiling in the hall way using a Ghoul head as a key, the players faced a room that Gnimsh was reluctant to enter.
  • The heroes listened at the door but heard nothing.
  • In the end they entered only to find the angry ghost of a woman.
  • It turned out Gnimsh had encountered the ghost in the forest and heard her looking for a silver necklace, sneaking away unseen he stumble on the necklace and in a fit of goblin smart-ness had enslaved the ghost to guard their lair.
  • However, the powers of the necromancer was larger and in the end he managed to turn the ghost who now guards the way forward.
  • The heroes quickly realised this and gave the ghost the silver necklace and he she finally found peace.

Room 4: Facing The Necromancer

  • The heroes (and Gminsh) now faced the necromancer. It turned out that out on the mountain ledge, he was raising a Flesh Golem!
  • And epic battle to kill the necromancer took place, but by casting False Life, the necromancer stayed alive… barely… to raise the Flesh Golem.
  • A few rounds of fighting the mighty Flesh Golem and some bad dice rolls, the heroes were all killed!

Cast and Crew


Necromancer and his muscle

Dungeons & Dragons – Dr Frankenmuller and Flesh Golem (Heresy Miniatures)

Dungeons & Dragons – Dreg Butchers (Reaper Miniatures)

Dungeons & Dragons – Various armoured Skeletons (Otherworld Miniatures)

Gnimsh and Goblins

Dungeons & Dragons – Head Goblin Black (Knightmare Miniatures)

Dungeons & Dragons – Goblin Archers (Knightmare Miniatures)