Dungeons and Dragons Giants

Dungeons & Dragons – Oni of Skulls, Oni of Hate and Oni of Souls (Rising Sun, CMON)

I bought the Rising Sun board game as I wanted to add some oriental type monsters as muscle for my Rakshasa boss.

I painted the Oni of War as the first one, and now I got a chance to paint the other three just in time for our D&D party to face them in an ambush.

All four were kinda speed painted using a mixture of Contrast Paints, shades and drybrushes and i am happy with all four.

Oni of Skulls

The Oni of Skulls was actually the first mini I saw from the game. It showed up in a Warhammer Fantasy Renaissance facebook group as miniature for an oriental themed Warhammer army.

Oni of Hate

One one hand I like the dynamic pose of the Oni of Hate, but on the other hand I feel the weapon blocks it’s face a bit too much.


Oni of Souls

I think the Oni of Souls is my least favourite. It is a great miniature, but I feel the other three have an aura of sophistication around them that this one lacks. This one feel more like a general Ogre / Hill Giant.