Cryx Dungeons and Dragons Warmachine

Dungeons & Dragons – Group of Cryx undead (Privateer Press)

I saw a video about the Slapchop painting technique on Youtube and it made me think about back when I played IK Warmachine in the early 2000s and how this technique would have allowed me to paint my Cryx much faster.

I do think the Cryx I painted back then are better, but to put things in context, I painted all of the miniatures here (expect for priming) in just under 3 hours… I probably spend as much on each of the old Cryx, definitely more on the characters and warjacks.

So as a way to paint an army fast, this method is fantastic.

At the end of each photo set, I’ll add a pic of my old Cryx equivalent.

Paint steps

  1. Prime black
  2. Drybrush with a medium gray
  3. Drybrush with a white
  4. Paint with Army Painter Speed paints. I only used colours from the Speedpaint: Mega Paint Set.
  5. Bonus. I was technically done and happy, but decided to do a few touch ups:
    1. Random highlighting with Runefang Steel from Games Workshop.
    2. Light drybrush of white on the tubes.
    3. Some bone highlights on Asphyxious skull.

WIP photos

The finished result


My old Mechanithralls


Iron Lich Asphyxious

My old Asphyxious

Machine Wraith

My old Machine Wraith

Machine Wraith


My old Skarlock


Pistol Wraiths

My old Pistol Wraith

Pistol Wraith


My old Bonejacks