LEGO LEGO Classic Town

Winter MOC using 376: Town House with Garden (1978)

I like the LEGO Winter range but somehow buying them seems like a waste of money as they would only be on display during Christmas.

So instead, I decided to make my own using only bricks I already had.

I decided to use half of my 376: Town House with Garden from 1978 and I didn’t have enough white roof bricks so the snow is not covering the full roof.

There are some modern bricks in the mix namely in the characters. I used the only Forest Folk mini I had as an Elf. I do have a red pirate hat somewhere but I couldn’t find it as I’ve used it for a Find Waldo miniature I’ve hidden in my wife’s modular city… and I can’t remember where.

and I actually have a full Santa Sleigh in my Christmas box so I’ll probably add that once I dig it out come December.

Anyway, this was super fun to build.

8 November update

We found Wally!

So now the elf gets a red hat!

Also added a postman.

And finally, we tried some other hair dos for Mrs Santa.

10 November update

I found two Forest Folk in a local secondhand toystore! They are both missing hats, but I’m using some pirate bandanas for Christmas hats anyway.

But it means I now have three “Nisser” (Christmas Elves) plus and older one I put together.

I also found a new top for Mrs Santa and I made Sabina Santa, the daughter of Mr and Mrs Santa.

A small Good Luck Troll has also arrived.

12 November update

A friend of ours gave me a Lego skull yesterday.

And I have used many of the bricks to enhance my Christmas diorama.