Constructs Dwarves Monsters

Dungeons & Dragons – Stone Golems, Dark Dwarves, Dark Guardians (Mom Miniaturas)

One of the amazing side-effects of playing Dungeons & Dragons again is tat I am no longer locked into a specific miniature line in the same way you tend to get with Tabletop Wargames.

As I ave ventured into the world of Roleplaying Games, I’ve found so many cool companies creating all these amazing miniatures.

While looking for evil dwarves miniatures, I found these three awesome Stone Golems from MOM Miniaturas.

As with the Mierce Wyvern, these gents were also speed painted:

  1. Prime grey
  2. Drybrush ligt grey to almost white
  3. Paint metal bits bronze
  4. Glaze over with a suitable green to add verdigre.
  5. Done!