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Dungeons & Dragons – The Red Dragon of Krynn (Dragonlance Miniatures from Ral Partha)

I rarely paint anything I don’t need to user for the next game of D&D, but sometimes you get a rare chance to paint something truly amazing.

I knew Ral Partha did some Dragonlance miniatures back when it was a setting for D&D (hoping it will be for 5e as well in the future), but never really looked into it in detail so it was quite a surprise when I learned about this truly amazing sculpt of a Red Dragon and its rider designed back in 1988.

Chance would have it, that I found one of ebay for a reasonable price and I bought it, just before we started moving from London to Copenhagen over a year ago now.

Now that we have unpacked our boxes and are settling in, I finally got a chance to paint this gem of a dragon.

Even by today’s standards, I think the pose, the details and the overall menacing vibe is just great and I had so much fun painting it.