Campaign: War of the Triplets Dungeons and Dragons Oneshots

Dungeons & Dragons – War of the Triplets, Chapter 3.6: The Kidnapping at Dragonspeak

Having played a spin-off game with one of my players and his kids who both knew Dungeons and Dragons already, I made a second game for same team + one of my other players and his two sons as well: The Kidnapping at Dragonspeak!

To make it easier for the boys who hadn’t played before, I made these children-friendly character sheets.



Hundreds of years ago the dragons ruled the world from the mountain “Dragonspeak”. Now the dragons are long gone and the town of “Drakenheim” at the foot of Dragonspeak is one of the most peaceful and pleasant settlements in the area.

Today King Gorm, Queen Isabeau and the their twins Cecelia and Tomkin are hosting the annual “First Autumn Leaf Festival”. Everybody is invited and per tradition, visiting adventurers are competing in various games to the entertainment of the townsfolk.

…well… nearly everybody is invited. Jenny Brittlebones, the old witch in the forest, was not invited and suddenly she shows up, angry and hurt by not having received an invitation yet again this year.

To teach the king and queen a lesson, she opens a gate to the past and invites a Dragon from ancient times through to the present to kidnap the twins.

Screaming in desperation, the king, queen and townsfolk helplessly look on as the great serpent grabs the twins and flies up to the top of the deserted Dragonspeak.

Big Boss Grok’s Bridge

The first obstacle the party faced was a small goblin fortress guarding the bridge to cross over to Dragonspeak.

The party came up with a pretty fab tactic for getting rid of the goblin guards. In the middle of the night the two magic users snuck up and positioned themselves ready to blast each tower with Thunderwave.

It worked like a charm, However, the dwarf Grimshaw ended up in the river. The Orc Shaman (played by one of the boys) decided to try and hit the dwarf with Thornwhip to pull him out! Like it.

The Dragon Puzzle

On the other side of the bridge, the party found a locked door guarded by two Dragonborn. Rather than attacking, the party created a rapport with the guards who let them try to open the door blocking the path up the mountain.

They also learned of legendary weapons up the mountain, which would help them in their fight against the dragon.

The puzzle I used is this Dragon Puzzle from “The DMs Craft” channel. The party solved it, but not 100% so they faced a climb up the stairs with a big boulder rampaging down. They all managed to get out of its way.

Bone Tiles

Up the stairs the party came to a landing full of icy tiles leading to a chest on an altar.

It quickly became clear that stepping on the wrong tiles would make skeletons rise from the very spot the tile covered.

After dispatching of some 15+ skeletons in the process, the party retrieved the weapons.

Knock knock

Continuing their climb up the mountain, the party found a door with a large face on it and the following riddle:

A teacher asked 4 dwarf boys how they would open a door without a key.

The first boy said: “I would kick the door in”.

The second boy said: “I would take the door of the hinges”.

The third boy said: “I would pick the lock”.

The fourth boy thought for a bit and said: “I would knock knock”.

The party knocked twice on the door to which the door replied “Who’s there?”

(This is one of my favourite Dungeons & Dragons puzzles. It is basically a “knock knock” joke so it requires the players to reply with a funny knock knock joke so the door opens its mouth to laugh. I even have a suitable door scenery for this from Zealot Miniatures. )

Walking up the now accessible stairs, the party was faced with one last crazy skeleton on skis… just for a laugh!

Facing the dragon

In the end the party faced the Dragon at the top and after a very tough fight, they managed to kill it and save the twins!

Cast and crew

Dungeons & Dragons – Human Male Assassin (Dark Sword Miniatures)

Mystic of the Behemoth

Dungeons & Dragons – Male Dwarf Barbarian (Ryjka MacHroth – Hasslefree Miniatures)

Dungeons & Dragons – Wildcat Warrior (Oathsworn Miniatures)

Dungeons & Dragons – Village and Halloween Kids (Hasslefree Miniatures)

Dungeons & Dragons – Wyvern aka Typhaggahw, Gwyfern of Ceredigion (Mierce Miniatures)

Dungeons & Dragons – Head Goblin Black (Knightmare Miniatures)

Dungeons & Dragons – Goblin Archers (Knightmare Miniatures)

Dungeons & Dragons – Goblin Skeeters (Reaper Miniatures)

Dungeons & Dragons – Sepulchral Guard Skeletons (Shadespire – Games Workshop)

Dungeons & Dragons – Various armoured Skeletons (Otherworld Miniatures)

Dungeons & Dragons – Skiing Skeleton (Otherworld Miniatures)