LEGO LEGO Classic Castle

LEGO – 6067 Guarded Inn (1986)

This was a fun build and I really like this little inn.

It is missing a few things here and there, most notably the grey 2x1x3 angular part that makes up the chimney. I’ve used a black one I had instead, but will order a replacement.

I only had one Crusader torso left, so I added a Lion Knight torso to the second soldier and gave him the Lion Knight shield.

This also gave me an excuse to add two extra Lion Knight soldiers I was able to put together from the bits.

And finally my wife, who is the real LEGO collector of the family, added some desert and cupcakes to the knight sitting inside the inn muling over the fact he has no horse.


A few photos of the set before I washed it.


Combining Black Falcon’s Fortress with the Guarded Inn and with Black Monarch’s Ghost

The Castle sets came with studs so they were meant to be linked together in the same way as the modern LEGO Creator Expert / LEGO Icons buildings.