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LEGO – Store finds: 6801: Space Scooter, 6650: Fire and Rescue Van, and 1562: Pepsi Promo

These LEGO sets are not from my old pile of LEGO, but since they are old sets, I’ve included them anyway.

6801: Space Scooter (1981)

I found this last year (2022) in a second-hand store. This was before I started my project with reassembling my old LEGO, but I had this Space Scooter as a kid so I jumped at the chance to get it.

Since been washed and given a new astronaut.

6650: Fire and Rescue Van (1981)


1562: Basic Building Pepsi (1985)

This odd vintage promo set, I found in a retro toy store call Spiral Toys on our honeymoon to Tokyo in 2019!

It is unopened, which I thought made it even cooler.