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LEGO – Maxi figure sets (212-2: Scooter, 213: Airplane Ride and 276-1: Doctor’s Office)

Following the LEGO family set, I’ve been able to put together some more maxi figure sets from the 70s.

Not sure what to do with these as they have no emotional value for me, but they were a fun LEGO archeological project.

213: Airplane Ride

276-1: Doctor’s Office

This one is missing a 2×1 white brick with a red cross on it for the doctor’s front. It is also missing a 1×1 white transparent round stud and a flower to make a vase for the table and finally it is missing a few black 1×1 round studs for the ruler. I’ve added some white ones.

212-2: Scooter (1976)

The hair on the driver is supposed to be a male brown hair piece, but I am missing that one.

200-1: LEGO Family (1974)

More photos of this first set here.