Cryx Warmachine

Machine Wraith

Machine Wraith Machine Wraith back

Originally tha Machine Wraith seemed like a powerful addition to the Cryx army, because it could take over warjack and even if it was booted out by the enemy warcaster the warjack would still be inert for a round.

However that changed with the arrival of the full escalation rules for the Machine Wraith so now I cannot see it as any use in my army because with it’s 1 wound it is far too vunerable 🙁 whic is a shame since the mini is absolutely stunning and one of my top 5 favorites of all times, up there with the Ork Super Cyboar and Alpha Pi and Sister of Compassion.

I decided to paint it in a simular fashion to Goreshade, white with corroded bronze, since they are both from Escalation. I think the white gives it a good ghostly feel supported by all the hanging tubes. A mechani-ghost.