Cryx Warmachine

Pistol Wraiths

Pistol Wraith Pistol Wraith back Pistol Wraith Pistol Wraith back

I wanted my Pistol Wraiths to look individual because I imagine them as very individual entities roaming pretty much on their own only reluctantly accepting commands.

However I did not plan to paint the second one almost completely incorporeal. It did seem to be the fitting thing to do to paint each in one of the physical states of wraiths.

Here is the formula I used to paint the incorporeal Wraith. It was actually quite easy:

  • Primed white
  • Painted horse grey (coat D’arms paint)
  • Inked/Washed it with a thin Goblin Green mixed with Horse Grey (2 grey to 1 Green)
  • Highlighted with Horse Grey
  • Hightlighted with White