Menoth army composition

Knights Army

After painting Cryx I wanted to do another faction and I chose to paint Menoth since I already had some Menoth minis lying around.

But contrary to the Cryx which I built as the minis came out, I now have the luxury to compose an army on paper before buiyng anything. And doing so I decided to do a 500 point Knights Exemplar based army which looks like this:

  • High Exemplar Kreoss
  • 2 Revengers
  • 1 Crusader
  • Minimum Choir
  • 2 units of Knights Exemplar
  • 1 Seneshal

Small changes might occur in the future, for example I would like to add another Seneshal and a Vanquisher. another plan is to do an additional 500 point but based around Flameguards led by Feora and with flameguard units and warjacks.

Menoth Colourscheme

I was never quite happy with the first paintscheme I did for my Menoth. Much in the same way as my the first colour scheme for Cryx I felt that it looked too much like a toy which doesn’t really fit this massivly fanatic and dangerous faction.

However I couldn’t figure out how I wanted to paint them istead so I left it, untill I decided to make the factions the excate opposite of my Cryx which have black as main colour, hence I decided to make my Menoth all white… I mean they ARE the good guys, right?