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Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King – Grobbit Executioners, Frog Knights and Billmen

The Evil Medieval

This monster gang (or should I say these as there effectively are two) took significantly longer to paint than the Cabbage Gang.

And but the Frog Knights and the Billmen took longer to paint than the heroes due to their level of details.

All in all I am happy with the result, but to be honest, I like the cabbage monsters better so they were more fun to paint.

Bramle Knight Spawning Points

The Bad-ass Bunnies

The Grobbit Executioners were fun to paint. I tried to make their cloaks scratchy inspired by an article in White Dwarf, Nov 2016. Not sure the result is the best, but it was fun trying a new technique.

I’m quite with the contrasts between the dark, scratchy cloaks and the bright pink/baby blue skin colours.

The Chocobo Frog Knights

Ok fine, these are inspired by Chocobos, but yellow has actually been a prominent colour in my figure painting since I first started back in my Rogue Trader days.

I painted their feather tips in different colours to be able to distinguish them. You might argue that these days Chocobos come in all sorts of coulrs, but that is wrong… WRONG I tell ya! Chocobos are yellow.

I did find painting the actual Frong Knights and their armour a time-consuming and frustrating task as they are quite detailed but the quality and the lack of sharpness in the miniatures makes the details fuzzy. I think the sculpture over-stretched in terms of what is possible on these ones.


Happy with the paint-to-play result, but overall same frustrations as with the Frog Knights: Too much details, but not sharp enough to make them crisp and clean to paint.

The complete Forgotten King set (all 58)