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Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King – Sprouts, Wisps, Turnip Heads and Mooks

The Cabbage Army

Love how fast this gang was to paint: Prime green, drybrush the shit of of them and add a bit of colour here and there to distinguish elites. Next gang from Fogotten King won’t be that fast though.

Old-Growth Hollow Spawning Points

The Sprouts

I do love the idea of the little annoying Lil Sprout transforming into the big menace that is the King Sprout.


Note the Sprouts and the Mooks have a slightly blue’er tint to their overall green colour than the Wisp and Turnip Heads in order to make them seem related.


I wasn’t sure whether I should paint them in entirely different colours, but I didn’t want to to step away from the overall colourscheme so opted for a lighter skin tone and different shaded “hair” to distinguish them.

Turnip Heads

Using the carrots to distinguish them.

The complete Forgotten King set (all 58)