Night Goblins Army Oldhammer Projects

Paint scheme for my Night Goblins 4th Warhammer Fantasy Battle army

And so it begins!

I have finished a multi year side project of painting a 1,000 Warhammer 40,000  Rogue Trader Bad Moon Warband in the style I would have painted it back in the 90s but with improved painting techniques.

Somehow I have decided start working on a Night Goblin army for Warhammer Fantasy Battle 4th Edition.

I did actually have some Night Goblins as part of my Orc and Goblins army back in the 90s and I tried to follow the official paint style at the time.

Paint style and colour scheme

However, for this Night Goblin army, I want a different paint style and I was looking for inspiration on the internet including on Twitter where people gave me a lot of great ideas.

But in the process I started looking at other cloak wearing miniatures and I remember that I really really liked the style on these House Delaque minis for Necromunda with a few modifications.

First of all, there is a youtube video explaining how to paint the Delaque cloak. Easy. Done.

Second, I want to have yellow markings (flames, moons etc), but I don’t want to lose the grimdark feel. So I got some advice from Twitter and also found a youtube video talking about painting yellow in grimdark style. Both suggesting same colour: Citadel Averland Sunset. Ok good. Done.

Third, I kinda want a much paler green flesh tone for these Goblins as I expect they would be paler living underneath mountains.

For this I found two youtube videos I am going to combine into a single formula: This Games Games workshop one on speedpainting Goblins with Contract Paint and this more detailed approach for painting Gnoblars

.Effectively, I will just use Contrast Paint and shade/ highlight with the Gnoblar video approach.

Look forward to trying it out!