Regrouping the miniatures we played Drager og Dæmoner with in the 80s

At the time of writing this, we are all in lockdown due to the Covid19 pandemic, and I just watched a super interesting video about Dungeons & Dragons 0 edition miniatures from the 70s.

And it made me wonder if I can actually remember the miniatures we played … and potentially getting a complete set again.

What we have…

Turns out my brother has saved quite a few miniatures we played with including the Grenadier Orc you see on second row, three in, which I only painted on half side of. The idea was once I was better at painting, I would paint the other half.

I remember really liking the group of Grenadier Orcs you seen most of in top row.

Blue Dragon (Citadel by Tom Meier 1984)

I actually found this miniature on eBay last year, and I have to say it has definitely stood the test of time and will work neatly as a Young Blue Dragon for Dungeons & Dragons.

My original miniature was broken into various parts. The head was used as a hat for a Snakebite Ork Warlord and the wings for a Chaos Champion for Warhammer 40.000 Rogue Trader.


Find out more about this miniature at The Stuff of Legends.

Undead Cyclops (Fantasy Lords /Grenadier models 1988)

Zombie Dragon (Citadel by Tom Meier 1986)

I really want this again. I loved how heavy and non-agile it looks.

Find out more about this miniature at The Stuff of Legends.

Firbolg (Ral Partha, 11-419 Firbolg)

I had no idea was a Firbolg was, so this miniature we used as a Giant.

Crossbow Orcs (Citadel, 1988)

I had four of these magnificent Citadel crossbow boys. Funnily, I hated the slotta bases thinking they were too intrusive. These days I put all minis on slotta bases even if they don’t come with them.

I had 2,5 and 6 … and one more. I think No. 9.

Find out more about these miniatures at The Stuff of Legends.

3 Orcs from ?

I had 2 fairly basic Orc miniatures that looked more like humans compared to the Citadel Orcs above.

I also had a third one that was a bit bigger with a club. We used that as a “Rise”, which is essentially an Ogre.

I can remember what they looked like so I’ll make a drawing.

Dragon Ogre (Citadel by Nick Bibby 1988)

This, alongside, the Super Cyboar for Warhammer 40.000 Rogue Trader, is one of my all time favourite miniatures.

I did find some Citadel Ogres in eBay I’ve really enjoyed painting, but I would love to get a chance to paint this one for sure!

Find out more about this miniature at The Stuff of Legends.

Halfling with Pipe (Midlam Miniatures)

I’m in two minds whether this Halfling miniature fits this set. First of all because he is from the mid-90s and second because Halflings isn’t a thing in DoD. But he fits my mental image of vintage miniatures so I’m adding him.