Campaign: The Ball Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons – The Ball – The Background Story

Penny Purplespark was expelled from the University of Necromantic Studies for having burned down a laboratory.

However, having spent the last few years working as a Bartender in the interplanar tavern, Here Today. Gone Tomorrow, she had started to wonder what actually happened that day, because she herself do not remember the incident.

One day she decided to quit her job and return to the University of Necromantic Studies to find out what really happened.

The City of Equilibrium


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The City of Equilibrium is a large trading city located near the Crimson Stream, a river capable of carrying many ships to and from the city.

Equilibrium is the home of the University of Necromantic Studies and the Temple of Vigilance and is ruled by the neutral and just Baron of Balance (simply know as “The Balance“).

Equilibrium is also known for being the home of some of the most lavish parties in the realm due to the wealth and visitors and the city is known for its trade related to the parties including its tailors and finely crafted apparel, its chefs and delicate cuisine and its chemists and their magnificent perfumes.


The birth of Equilibrium

Equilibrium was originally established as a supply harbour during The Great Dispute,  war hundreds of years ago between two long forgotten armies.

The Great Dispute was in stalemate for almost 50 years, but ended abruptly, when the increasing size and noise from the war awoke Charsima, the Sapphire Greatwyrm sleeping far below the battlefield. The mighty dragon rose and destroyed boith armies in a matter of minutes before returning to its slumber underground.

Over time, the rust from the armours of the fallen soldiers would colour the local river giving it its name “The Crimson Stream”.

From supply harbour to grand city

The war be over, but the might of Equilibrium had just begun.

The location was perfect for establishing trade routes with far away lands. And with local mines and craft providing export opportunities, the city was heading for a bright future.

Necromancers and their apprentices started to arrive with the ships as the rumours of the abundance of available corpses following the war.

While they were first met with suspicion, the wealth they brought with them, made them soon welcomed and in time they would establish the University of Necromantic Studies.

Trouble brewing

Alas, the rumours of the newly established university, also attracted Paladins and Clerics sworn to battle evil across the world.

Soon a fanatic sect of righteous warriors rose and the  Temple of Helm, The Vigilant One, also simply known as Temple of Vigilance, was established.

And it didn’t take long before street brawls between the Necromancers and the followers of the Vigilance broke out.

Street brawls became paramilitary skirmishes. Skirmishes became open war and soon the City of Equilibrium looked more like a battlefield than a vibrant city.

The Baron of Balance

One day, as if the city itself had had enough of the fighting, the Baron of Balance appeared out of nowhere leading the City Guards (today known as the Keepers of the Balance).

Rumours had it that the Baron had help from a mighty dragon to quel the fight between the Necromancers and the followers of the Vigilance.

Since then, the Baron has ruled the city and kept an uneasy truce between the Necromancers and the followers of the Vigilance.

Some say the Baron is a Captain of City Guards, some say he is a Demon, some say he is Charsima, the Sapphire Greatwyrm himself walking the streets in human form.

Whatever the Baron is, he is more than 150 years by now. Although he often walk among the city dwellers, he is rarely recognised and rarely speaks.