Campaign: The Troll Hunt

Dungeons & Dragons – The Troll Hunt: Map of Mountainhold

About Mountainhold

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Mountainhold is the highest peak to the west of the Titan Heights Mountain range in Obanastre and the most populated mountain in the range as well.

The mountain is a collective of various sized Dwarven settlements that together operates as an actual fortress.

This unusual configuration makes the mountain near impossible to take by force using traditional warfare. Storming the “castle” head on doesn’t work since the dwarves can nimbly move around the settlements and trying a siege has no effect either as the mountain is so vast that supply lines can easily circumvent any blockades.

The only real threat the Dwarves of Mountainhold have faced over the centuries are the reclusive Night Goblins that dwell inside the mountain, but while there are regular skirmishes between the Mountainholders and the Night Goblins, it has never escalated to full war.


Entry points

  • Shoregate – Harbour town to the west. Gathering point for local fishermen.
  • Skygate – Top of the west peak. Landing sight for those rare visitors with flying modes of transportation.
  • Wildgate – A fortified town at the edge of Mountainwild Forest. Acts as defensive outpost, but generally friendly and peaceful.
  • Freeport – Considers itself independent from the rest of the Mountainhold collective, mainly for practical purposes. Freeport is a haven for criminals, dodgy dealings and secretive imports. Freeport is tolerated by the rest of Mountainhold for practical purposes.


  • The Adamantine Flow – Most of Mountainhold’s wealth comes from this mine.
  • The Steep and the Low – A group of 4 villages: The Steep is where the pony and mountain goat breeders live and the The Low (consisting of Low, Lower and Lowest) are the prime farmland on the mountain side.
  • The Hollow of Sorrows – An abandoned mining town and mine thought to be haunted. They say walking through the ruins will forever diminish your ability to be happy.
  • Anvilheim – The biggest town of them all. This is the trading town of the mountain with everything that comes with that. Connects directly to Skygate via the Cloud Walk bridge.
  • Highhouse of Runes – The secretive home of the Dwarven magic runes. They say the Highhouse only creates a single rune each year.

Official offices

  • Temple of Moradin the Forge Father – The holy site for the most common Dwarven Diety, Moradin the Forge Father, who is depicted as a harsh, but fair judge. The legend says Moradin was incarnated from rock, stone, and metal, and that his soul an ember of fire. It was said he forged the first dwarves from metals and gems and breathed souls into them when he blew on his creations to cool them.
  • Hall of Grudges – All the knowledge of Mountainhold (and indeed of Dwarven society in Obanastre) is kept here in the dusty expansive libraries. Hall of Grudges is also the home of the Council of Living Ancestors, the most ancient and wise of the Dwarves. while most of the Living Ancestors are found in Hall of Grudges, each settlement traditionally has an Ancient Ancestor residing as advisor to the town’s leaders.
  • Beacon Watch – An always alert group of Dwarves tasked with lighting the massive bonfire if Mountainhold should ever be overrun. Only the most resilient and alert Dwarves are ever given the honour of becoming a Beacon Guardian.
  • Titan’s Wedding Band – Is a single, sturdy ring wall circumventing the mountain top as a last line of protection of the Hall of Grudges. The majority of the Mountainhold military capacity lives inside the Band. The name is a testament of the Dwarves commitment to Titan Heights.