July 16, 2012 zroll

I finally got around to paint the rest of my Cygnar Army and repaint the existing ones. Better yet I got some pictures of them here. And some separate pictures of Warcasters, Warjacks, Sword Knights, Long Gunners and the rest.    

July 16, 2012 zroll

A few cheap models to fill leftover points. From the top: Taryn Di La Rovissi. A Llaelese Gun Mage, which I sometimes used as a normal Gun Mage Captain Adept, depending on my temper. Either way, these are really useful assassins. Field Mechaniks. If the army goes jack heavy, its always nice to be able to repair them.

July 16, 2012 zroll 2Comment

Warjacks, the steel and iron of Cygnars. From left: Lancer. Equipped with an Arc Node, so the warcasters gain some more range on their spells. Ironclad. Cheap, tough, hardhitting and with several knockdown abilities. Ironclad. I really like these… Charger. A nice all around jack, which usually lurk in the flanks, ready to snipe with its dual cannon. Or just a good practice warjack for journeymen warcasters.

July 16, 2012 zroll 1Comment

The command structure of my Cygnars. From left we have: Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator. Mostly here to help with the intelligence. Commander Coleman Stryker. An all around warcaster, with a very nice earthquake spell. Commander Adept Nemo. A warcaster who relies on spells and can supercharge a warjack for brute force. Squire. What is a hero without his squire really. Journeyman Warcaster. Original an Iron Kingdom miniature named Valeria Alvaro.

March 12, 2012 scrollmaster

This Battle report is made using Flash Technology. You need to have the Flash 6 plugin installed in your browser to view it properly. You can get the Flash 6 plugin for Click here to see the Battle Report

March 12, 2012 scrollmaster

This is a Report of the finale in our July campaign. It is made using Flash Technology. You need to have the Flash 6 plugin installed in your browser to view it properly. You can get the Flash 6 plugin for free from www.macromedia.com. Click here to see the Battle Report

February 5, 2012 scrollmaster 1Comment

The goodies here are all PDF files so you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your machine. You can get it for free from Adobe. Comic Templates Just for laughs 😉 New! Cryx Comic Templates (454 KBytes) Khador Comic Templates (75 KBytes) Menoth Comic Templates (76 KBytes) Cygnar Comic Templates (99 KBytes) The original Comic Templates (93 KBytes) Damage Sheets These PDFs can be printed out and gives you sheets containing the damage boxes for Warjacks. Damage sheet for all Warjacks (39 KBytes) Damage sheet for Cryx (19 KBytes) Damage sheet for Menoth (20 KBytes) Damage sheet for Khador (17 KBytes) Damage sheet for Cygnar (20 KBytes) Lifetracker.pdf The LifeTracker is an…

February 5, 2012 scrollmaster

Before we start Each players starts with 500GC (Gold Coins) which can be spend on buying troops before we begin or be saved for later. You do not have to use all GCs but remember you can later only buy troops in the City and Warjacks in the Warjacks Workshop. Mercenaries are not alowed from the start but can be bought later. Battles Victory conditions All games are untill one warcaster is dead. If you have lost 50% of your troops you are alowed to conceed the game. Winner gets GC worth of VP*20 + 60 Looser gets GC worth of VP*20…