Seasons’ Cross – Mythology

In there beginning there was nothing but 5 dragons

Before time there were 5 Dragons flying around in the empty void.

Bored, the Dragons decided to invent Time.

However, as they built Time, the smartest of the Dragons realised that with Time would follow Seasons of which there was only 4.

In secret, she planned with 3 of the other Dragons to speed up the build of Time and before the 5th Dragon realised what was happening, the 4 Dragons had built Time and each taken a Season for herself.

The 5th Dragon was furious and started a terrible War against the 4 other Dragons. Fuel by Rage, the 5th Dragon was a match against her 4 sisters.

The most cunning of the 4 Dragons, called for a truce and offered the 5th Dragon the domain of everything that didn’t fall within the 4 Seasons, In her clever scheming she assumed that since the 4 Seasons made up all of Time, there would be nothing for the 5th Dragon to rule.

However, during the war the 5th Dragon had discovered Death, which lay outside the dominion of Time, so she readily agreed and left her siblings for good.

The world and all life is created

The 4 remaining Dragons, satisfied the situation was now resolved, went about their business to create the World and the first 8 Creatures, who in turn has children of their own and soon the World started to populate. And they had fun and enjoyed the new World they had created.

Death and Hell are revealed as facts of life

However, Time passed and the first 8 creatures died of old age.

Before the 4 Dragons could understand what happened, the souls of the 8 creatures had stepped out of Time and into the 5th Dragon’s domain.

To their horror, the 4 sisters realised what had happened. They descended to the Realm of the 5th Dragon, only to find it heavily fortified with their 5th sister standing at the rampart, now transformed into the Mighty Shadow Dragon.

To make matters worse, she was flanked by the 8 creatures, who had been transformed into 8 fearsome Devils, each ruling on of the 9 layers of the Realm of the Shadow Dragon, of Hell.

The 4 Dragons fled in despair and since that day, every time a creature dies, one of the 4 Dragons fight the Shadow Dragon for that creatures soul. If they win, they take the soul with them to the Heavens, but if not (or if the choose not to fight), the soul goes to 9 Hells of Asmodeus the Shadow Dragon.

The Dragons

  • Aurumax, the Gold Dragon. God of Summer and of politics, scholars, libraries, magic, health, intelligence and constitution.
  • Argentix, the Silver Dragon. God of Winter and of craftsmanship, labour, wisdom and strength.
  • Aesunax, the Bronze Dragon. God of Spring, culture, entertainment, trade, fertility and charisma.
  • Aerisix, the Copper Dragon. God of Autumn, pleasure, thievery, deception, practicality and dexterity.
  • Asmodeus, the Shadow Dragon. Ruler of Hell.