Goff Warband (2nd Edition) Oldhammer Projects

Warhammer 40.000 (2nd edition) – Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka and his Goff Big Mob (Games Workshop)

I painted these as a response to a paint challenge on the Crown Command facebook group.

The challenge was to paint a start sprue Ork and/or Space Marine from the Warhammer 40.000 2nd edition starter box.

I chose to approach this as I would have back when, which is to say I always painted a whole mob, never a single miniature. My rule was (and has been since) only field with painted minis on the table!

But let me say up front: I do not like these Ork minis.

To me they represent what I did not like about wh40k 2nd edition, which all things equal is my favourite version of the game.

But I felt the Orks really got neutered. All the richness of the Ork clans disappeared, whereas the Space Marine chapters started to grow their individual identities, Orks where reduced to a muddle of lego coloured brutes with no personality.

Furthermore, the uniform nature of the Ork miniatures in the starter box was a step back from the very versatile RTB13 Space Orks from the Rogue Trader era.

A word on Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka

While I liked the Ghazgkull miniature, the idea of named characters also seemed wrong to be as I used to name my Ork characters and even gave some of them a bit of backstory.

But this was a natural progression from the roots of roleplay in Rogue Trader, to to full tabletop wargame and I am glad I got a chance to get the miniature for this paint challenge as I think he is badass.

Ghazgkull and his Goff boys joining forced with the Bad Moons

Ghazgkull and his Goff boys


Filtered by horn colour

Filtered by shoe colour


Closing thoughts

Yes, this has been a fun project painting miniatures I fundamentaly dislike!

But it’s also given me a chance to paint a mini I’ve always wanted to paint.

I think I’ll try and join more paint challenges in the future.