Campaign: A Hell of a Payback

Dungeons & Dragons – A Hell of a Payback – People and places we know

New people and places

Maddox, Baby devil and owner of the dodgy and dingy tavern “Hellhound & Hare“.

Basavaraj the Info-merchant and owner of the “Burning Spice Team House“.

Previously in Phlegetos

People we meet and places we went in Phlegethos last time. In no particular order.

Key locations

Styxhaven. Small harbour town at the bank of the River Styx.

Abriymoch. Capital and last standing city in Phlegethos.

The Crystalline Retreat. Only other noteworthy location in Phlegethos. Heroes only know it by name.

Known people

Fierna and Belial. The Arch Duchess and Arch Duke ruling Phlegethos. Fierna runs “Sin Side“, the entertainment half of Abriymoch. And Belial runs “Strict Side“, the bureaucratic home of the “Infernal Courts”.

Hammelthal. Heroes stole Soul Coins that Hammelthal was responsible for. Consequently he killed Seipora and took her body and soul to hell as a repayment.

Azrael. Erinyes (Fallen Angel) who tricked the heroes into “freeing” her lover, the Angel Archon, from Mount Celestial.

Archon. Angel dragged to hell against his will. Have gone utterly mad spending his days screaming and clawing at his eyes in a cage in Azrael’s residence underneath the club “The Pleasure Dome” in Sin Side of Abriymoch.

James Brimstone. Loyal servant to Azrael. Has proven useful in the past.

Penelopix Lust-Lashes. Owner of the tavern “Hell’s Delight” in Styxhaven

Night Master Nemleth. Wood Elf running the “Night Diligence” from Styxhaven to Abriymoch.

Malospe. Blindfolded Medussa. The owner of the lively tavern “The Red Curtain Fall” Sin Side of Abriymoch.

Bosnek. Local businessman who is now convinced the heroes are utterly incompetent.

Golek. Unplesant Minotaur. Owner of “The Hag’s Head”, a dirty looking inn in Skid Row, the more seedy area of Sin Side of Abriymoch.

The Brothers DevilleTwo Dwarven souls residing in two Stone Golems, Brom and Balthazar. Local smiths and creators of the “666 Shooter”, Thorga carries.

Hunky Hansel. Beefy, male devil who was dancing with Seipora at the “Pleasure Dome”, the 24/7 club owned by Fierna.