Dungeons & Dragons – Blight of the Iron Lich – People and Places

Friends and Foes

The Iron Lich. Leads the undead armies. Not much is known other than a vague description of an iron skeleton.

High King Regulus Tappo. Deceased king of Dragonskeep.

Juliana, the Beacon of Dragonskeep. Ruler of Dragonskeep and leader of its armies. Fights at the frontlines. Capable military commander. Blunt and no fuss attitude.

Thaddeus and Adelyn Rostak. King and Queen of the Rostak kingdom back in the days.

Baltana Ilalal. Drow maiden and lover of Thaddeus.

Grindrax. Black Dragon who lived in Dragonskeep at the time of the Rostaks.


Lush Lands. The fertile areas south of Dragonskeep. Now a scarred battle ground.

Elder Thorn. Mysterious forest to the south of Dragonskeep.

Castle Rostak. Once thought to be myth but recent events has proven it actually existed to the South of Dragonskeep. No known ruins or traces of the castle.