Bebbie's Bar Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons – Welcome to “Here Today. Gone Tomorrow” and its staff

Hi yall!

Ma name is Bebbie and this is my interplanar bar “Here Today. Gone Tomorrow“.

Now, you might wonder why such a beholderish handsome genderneutral entity is the owner of a humble bar rather than taking its place as the rightful ruler of the multiverse.

The thing is, all this beholdering, tyranyning and rightful-rulering is so exhausting and frankly monotone.

So I said to maself: “Bebbie! Why you doin’ this to yoself? Why not just retire and run a bar?” And since it was advice from me, it is by default great advice. So that’s what I did!

But “Here Today. Gone Tomorrow” ain’t no regular tavern. No ma’am!

It’s ma own pocket dimension and it arrives where it is needed… or where I feel like it.

The staff

Alfein – Drow Rogue (lvl2) / Chef (She/her. dishes expertly chopped, cut and stabbed with careful precision).

Penny Purplesparks – Human Wizard (lvl2) / Mixologist (She/her. cocktails with extra sparkle).


Bluth Roughcheek – Human Fighter (lvl2) / Bouncer (He/him. Does what it says on the tin… And then some).

Kasanov Kaboom – Goblin Artificer (lvl2) / busboy (It/goblin. delivers cleanest dishes in town. Don’t ask how. You don’t what to know).



Yrazec – Dwarf Cleric (lvl1) / Brewer (Them/they. If you order beer you will get the best beer ever. If you order wine you will get the best beer ever).

Papa Joe(sophine) – Human Rogue (lvl1)/ Waitress (Them/they. Speedy, acrobatic and deadly effective delivery. Just don’t get the pronoun of the day wrong).