Bebbie's Bar Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons – Welcome to “Here Today. Gone Tomorrow”

Hi yall!

Ma name is Bebbie and this is my interplanar bar “Here Today. Gone Tomorrow“.

Now, you might wonder why such a beholderish handsome genderneutral entity is the owner of a humble bar rather than taking its place as the rightful ruler of the multiverse.

The thing is, all this beholdering, tyranyning and rightful-rulering is so exhausting and frankly monotone.

So I said to maself: “Bebbie! Why you doin’ this to yoself? Why not just retire and run a bar?” And since it was advice from me, it is by default great advice. So that’s what I did!

But “Here Today. Gone Tomorrow” ain’t no regular tavern. No ma’am!

It’s ma own pocket dimension and it arrives where it is needed… or where I feel like it.

The staff

  • Anele – Human Wizard Mixologist (He/him. cocktails with extra sparkle).
  • Neas – Drow Rogue Chef (She/her. dishes expertly chopped, cut and stabbed with careful precision).
  • Yrazec – Dwarf Cleric Brewer (Them/they. If you order beer you will get the best beer ever. If you order wine you will get the best beer ever).
  • Papa joe(sophine) – Human Rogue Waiter/tress (Them/they. Speedy, acrobatic and deadly effective delivery. Just don’t get the pronoun of the day wrong).
  • Ynot – Human Fighter Bouncer (He/him. Does what it says on the tin… And then some).
  • Lien – Goblin artificer / busboy (It/goblin. delivers cleanest dishes in town. Don’t ask how. You don’t what to know).