D&D Party: The Hellbenders

The Hellbenders

The Hellbenders – Pestilence, the Tabaxi Warlock

The Hellbenders – Kaari the Human Ranger

The Hellbenders – Thorga, the Dwarven Paladin

The Hellbenders – Seipora, the Tiefling Sorcerer (KIA)

The adventures of The Hellbenders (in chronological order)

The continuous story of three local swords-for-hires and their epic adventures.

A Way Home (August to December 2011)

A magical attack by the Underworld Empire of the Drow on  the High King’s of Obanastre‘s castle “Dragonskeep”, has unforeseen consequences for our heroes, a little group of local of swords-for-hire.

They are magically transported deep down in the Underworld and must find their way back. In their journey back, they discover the Drow’s military plans and must hurry back to the surface to report the imminent attack.

The campaign concludes with the Battle for Dragonskeep, where the High King’s forces are victorious.

  1. Chapter 1: What just happened?
  2. Chapter 2: Exploring the Underdark
  3. Chapter 3: Mushroom. People.
  4. Chapter 4: Smart Choices
  5. Chapter 5: A Deal with a Dragon
  6. Chapter 6: The Upside Down Tower of Time
  7. Chapter 7: A Giant Argument
  8. Chapter 8 : The first thing to die in battle is the plan
  9. Chapter 9 : Battle of Dragonskeep

A Date with the Devil (January to June 2022)

Following the Battle for Dragonskeep, the keep is under attack of combined forces of Necromancers (using the recently dead soldiers from the war) and Demons.

All seems lost when our heroes are visited by James Brimstone, who claims to be a messenger from an Angel trapped in the the 4th layer of Hell; Phlegethos, who will be willing to help if freed.

A journey through hell commences that reveals a tragic starcrossed-lovers tale, that our heroes gets entangled in earning them the name “Hellbenders”… partly due to participating in a rave party in The Pleasure Dome in Abriymoch, the capital of Phlegethos 4th layer of Hell.

  1. Chapter 1 : Demon Chickens
  2. Chapter 2: We are Sailing…
  3. Chapter 3: The Night Diligence
  4. Chapter 4: The Battery Exchange
  5. Chapter 5: Clubbing at the Pleasure Dome
  6. Chapter 6: Gateway to Heaven
  7. Chapter 7: Broken Hearts in Heaven
  8. Chapter 8: Epilogue

The Troll Hunt (September 2022 to April 2023)

Having been instrumental in saving Dragonskeep, not once but twice, our heroes are sorely disappointed in not receiving any rewards or even kind words.

As the Necromancer threat looms in the background, the High King asks them in secret to help, but given the disappointing treatment the party declines.

They leave Dragonskeep to hunt a pack of Trolls that razed Thorga’s home and have recently reappeared gathering in strength as they head for Mountainhold, a dwarven, mountain based community.

  1. Chapter 1: The Hunt Begins
  2. Chapter 2: Follow that Goblin!
  3. Chapter 3: Father Winter
  4. Chapter 4: Goodbye
  5. Chapter 5: Pestilence
  6. Chapter 6: Revelation
  7. Chapter 7: The Dragon Hunt

Hell of a Payback (August 2023 to December 2023)

Having lost their comrade Seipora to the vengeful devil hunter, Hammelthal, the party now went on a hunt for vengeance and the track was leading back to the 4th layer of Hell: Phlegethos.

  1. Chapter 1: Trust Issues
  2. Chapter 2: A Meet’n’Greet with Belial
  3. Chapter 3: Hellhound & Hare
  4. Chapter 4: Mirror, mirror
  5. Chapter 5: Eye of the Mindflayer
  6. Chapter 6: Showdown in the Warehouse
  7. Chapter 7: The Power in the Shadows of Hell

Blight of the Iron Lich (January 2024 to present)

Returning home, several years had past and the fledgling undead hoard had grown to a mighty army. Not only large, but also winning against the forces of Dragonskeep.

Our heroes now ventured south to find the camp of the mysterious Iron Lich, rumoured to be the general of the undead army.

  1. Chapter 1: Return to Dragonskeep
  2. Chapter 2: Finding the Way
  3. Chapter 3: Sunflower Grange
  4. Chapter4: The Road Through Elderthorn Forest
  5. Chapter 5: Fun at the Grim Glee Jubilee