September 26, 2014 scrollmaster

I bought this fantastic Gobleon from Ammon Miniatures at Salute 2013 and had forgotten all about it until a friend of mine suggested I painted my Rogue Trader Orks pink. I don’t really want Pink Bad Moon Orks, but i figured the Gobleon would be perfect in the role of The Pink Goblin!  

April 20, 2013 scrollmaster 1Comment

I haven’t been to Salute since 2010 and I must say I was surprised how far the gaming industry has moved in those few years. It was also the first time in a while I caught up with Mocaiv and Artemis Black, who I learned has joined forces with HassleFree Miniatures. Below are a few photos from Salute, but for me it was new French and German Games that stole the show and I bought some of the amazing miniatures for the 45mm French game “Smog” and some of the funny miniatures for the new French game “Da Clash”. [miniflickr…

March 28, 2013 scrollmaster 1Comment

This Goblin Gunner is my first crewman for my Goblin Pirate Clan. Normally when I start a new army I start by painting one of the characters as they are the coolest figures, but in this case this little fella in his trolley pulling “The Argument” was my first port of call. I’ve glued all my Pirate goblins on these awesome wooden bases from Micro Art Studio which I thought would give the Pirates a nice ship feel… but in this case I made a mistake with the bases. Can you see what it is? Yes, the boards on the baes…

March 4, 2012 scrollmaster 3Comment

I am a big fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion and I think Death Note is a brilliantly clever mange series, but nothing beats Battle Angel Alita. However, whereas the other two mentioned Japanese franchises have a spoiled choice for figures, Alita has close to none. In fact the only one I know of was a limited edition figure which was released when the mini series Gunnm: Another Stories was released… and now that figure and the boxset is mine.

February 21, 2012 scrollmaster 1Comment

I first saw the Mr Carl Kubrick Fredricksen on Instagram and spent quite a while trying to find one up for sale. Just as I was about to give up, this double set popped on Amazon and it was an easy choice to get Mr Fredricksen to balloon in. Carl Kubrick This section will follow Carl’s adventures. I don’t know… he doesn’t look that dangerous to me. Ellie, I don’t think this is Paradise Falls… Get away from me! This is loaded and I…

February 21, 2012 scrollmaster 1Comment

While my wargaming miniature hobby has a been standing almost still over the last few years due to my lack of available time to paint, I have thrown myself over another hobby, greatly inspired by recent holidays to Tokyo: Vinyl anime and Mange figurines. They may seem like an odd addition to this site, but for me they have been as much fun in a more solo-gaming way. I plan to photograph all of them individually at some point so keep an eye out.

February 5, 2012 scrollmaster

It is the day after the official Warmachine torunament at AGS Con 05 with a slightly Cryx-y feel to it (4 Cryx armies vs 1 Cygnar and 1 Khador) and a somewhat recognisable list of players (4 from my local club PEWC). My force used was (I had two forces but only used this one): 1 Warwitch Deneghra 1 Seether 1 Night Wretch 2 Deathrippers 1 Skarlock Thrall 2 Pistol Wraiths 1 Necrotech 6 Scrap Thralls 1 Mechanithrall max unit A good day of gaming nevertheless and congratulations to Angrychef for winning the tournament. Photos below are from my 3 games. Game 1:…

January 31, 2012 scrollmaster

As I play Warmahcine the first undead pirates I have are ofcourse from Warmachine. Couple of conversions. Can’t have pirates without Jolly Roger. I wanted my pirates to look a bit mouldy, so I kept to brown and green colours. However I also wante them to tie together as a unit so I paint skarfs red wherever possible. Skin was standard Mechanithrall skin which is bone and black. The Quartermaster The Quartermaster turned out nicer than I planned. While I just wanted to get the pirates painted, I did take a bit more time in painting the centre piece of the unit:…

January 31, 2012 scrollmaster

While buying up pirate minis I’ve come across several smaller pirates figures such as pirate goblins, monkeys etc. As you can read on my pirate notes I want to make use of these minis as enhancements to characters such as a gun minion that gives better RAT etc. Minion in action

January 31, 2012 scrollmaster

I am not sure who the manufacturer is of this pirate woman miniature. I picked her up at Salute 2007. But I do think she rivals my favorite female miniature. And I am quite please with how I painted her. Esspecially her face turned out quite well. I have named her Elaine Marley from the old computer game Monkey Island, which today still is one of the funniest games ever made.    Marley and her minion

January 31, 2012 scrollmaster

Jonny IS breaking my own rules about living pirates having bright colours. There are two reasons for that 1) I wanted him to look more like his movie equivalent and 2) I started painting him before I laid down that ground rule. To give him even more ties to the movies, I made a small stone crab from the top of a plasitc bone… that turned out to be a lot harder than I thought but I am very please with the result.    Stone Crab in Zuper Zoon  

January 31, 2012 scrollmaster

I have bought a lot of pirate miniatures at the last two Salute shows so No Quarter is the natual driver for combining these figures in to practical use. While I want a live pirate army, I got almost as many undead pirates so I want to make use of them as well. I have not create the army list yet, but here are some random thoughts and notes: Guns: Most pirate miniatures have guns. This will make the minis expensive in points and I don’t want a a shooty army anyway. So I want to give all pirates a base skill that gives them…