Pirates – Scum of the Sea

I have bought a lot of pirate miniatures at the last two Salute shows so No Quarter is the natual driver for combining these figures in to practical use.

While I want a live pirate army, I got almost as many undead pirates so I want to make use of them as well.

I have not create the army list yet, but here are some random thoughts and notes:

  • Guns: Most pirate miniatures have guns. This will make the minis expensive in points and I don’t want a a shooty army anyway. So I want to give all pirates a base skill that gives them plusses on charging (blazing pistols) possibly similar to a lance charge attack.
  • Undead: As I want to make use of my undead pirates I want to have a skill that if a pirate dies he then return as an undead pirate which will have crappy stats but be a nuisance nevertheless.
  • Undead stats: All undead pirates will have same stats, possibly with the difference of the general or a voodoo doctor.
  • Minions: As I have several small pirate minis (monkeys, halflings etc) I want to use them for practical purpose. I want them to be killable enhancements to characters such as pluses to RAT or MAT.
  • Spy glass: I got several pirates with spy glasses. I want to use these as unit attachments either to see concealed troops or perhaps to enhance their gun charging ability.


I want to use both live pirates and undead pirates in my No Quarter pirate army with the live ones becoming undeads when killed (yep, tough pirates).

So the obvious choice of colour is to paint the live pirates in fresh bright colours with old Burt Lancaster pirate movies as reference.

To keep the undead pirates visually different I am painting those in muddy browns and greens following the more recent Pirates of the Caribbean movies.