Back in the 80s families in Denmark would gather around the television to watch the Sunday News on the only TV channel we had.

In 1987 there was a bulletin about Dungeons & Dragons and I was hooked. More specifically, the was a short intermission sequence of some polyhedral dice being rolled, sparkling in the light. Those were the ones that really grabbed my attention.

I was 13 and the talk related to the Satanic Panic flew right over my head… and my parents’ as well.

It didn’t take long before Drager og Dæmoner, a Swedish %-based RPG hit the shelves of bookstores in a Danish version and that’s where my roleplaying hobby started.

It stopped in 1999 when I moved to London but little did I expect it would re-start in 2018 when I group of friends of mine got chatting about Dungeons & Dragons at brunch