Deep Rock Castle – DM notes

If you are a player of a Deep Rock Castle campaign I suggest you do not read further.

Bebbie the Beholder Bartender

Bebbie is a beholder for a number of reasons:

  • I have a Bebbie miniature!
  • Bebbie is a powerful otherworldy creature, which means it can, if needed, give. a much wider range of advice and support to the heroes.
  • Bebbie also provides a fantastical, surreal and potentially light-hearted element to help prevent the game to become too serious. it is oneshots afterall.
  • As the self-proclaimed law authority, Bebbie also provides a fail safe for any major attacks, risks or challenges.

Plot hooks

Castlebridge attracts a number of interested parties, many who have the gold, but not the stomach for risk.

  • An eccentric wizard wants the heroes to find a lost item.
  • A group of excavators need help clearing out a group of Goblins who have taken up residence in their tunnel.
  • A hidden passage has been found, but it is rumoured to be haunted. Who dares go in?
  • A group of kids have dared each other to go in. Now little Caroline has fallen down a hole.
  • The floor of a tunnel has collapsed revealing a new level. However, there is something big and growling guarding the floor.