Inhabitants of Daisygate and surroundings

Chapter 1: The Road to Daisygate

  • Husband and wife, Findal and Wivira Goldleaf and sons Linfire and Falkin, Halfling Farmers.
  • Margrave (Crookback) Filbert, Wayfinder.
  • Mike Magic, Blacksmith Apprentice to be at Thorkild Hochheim, Blacksmith in Daisygate.
  • Mona Fizduk and Berthilda Berg (presumed dead), Wizards and fans of Mike Magic.
  • Gorm (The Giump), Executioner.
  • Afrodeus Pien, Hartvig Hauser and the dwarf Barinok Coldstone, Scholars.
  • Bovun Grimple, Merchant.
  • Stirling Frostshadow, Captain of The Daisy Guard.
  • Baron Volkbert and Baroness Leonilda Von Crupp.
  • Mama Juju, Goblin Shaman.

Chapter 2: The Black Sapphire

  • Silvia and Karl Bluehaven – Deceased.
  • Vinvandrum Bluehaven – Scholar with connections to deep planes.

Chapter 3: Grimshaw’s Inheritance

  • Halfling Yarric Silverfoot. Owner of The Grumpy Golem.
  • The Scramble – Market place.
  • The Tiflings Shavius Karai and his wife Shavari. Owners of the law firm Devil is in the Details.
  • Bruuruk The Brain – Ogre leader of a gang of thugs in the Gutters.
  • “The Govenor” – Bruuruk referred to “The Governor” as somebody of importance in the leadership of the Gutters.

Chapter 4: The Fairydopterist

  • Dwarven librarian Yurnik Greystone.
  • Dr Wendell Cane aka “The Pixie Collector” – Presumed dead. Assassinated.
  • The Twilight Wine – Ancient cult consuming Fey believing they would gain eternal life.
  • Mysterious creature with a face full of tentacles.

Daisygate Chapter 5: The Baby Dragon

  • Randolf – Owner of Randolf’s Rarities and Oddities.

Daisygate Chapter 6: Burning of the Half Fey

  • General Dale Grumpenheimen, retired general of Daisygate. Now acts as military advisor and personal bodyguard to Baroness Leonilda Von Crupp
  • Duchess Oriel and Duke Richmut Kreutzberg of Fairecombe, the Golden City.
  • Mysterious Knight. Arch enemy of Brand Ander and personal guard to Duchess Oriel Kreutzberg.
  • Margo Oliveglade and her daughter Victoria. Poor residents of the Commons. The Nightshift saved Victoria from being burned on the stake as she was mistaken for a half fey.

Daisygate Chapter 9: A Rescue Mission to Avernus

  • Xinphalaxal The Angel Charmer – Pit Fiend patron of our Warlock, Alyanys

Dungeons & Dragons – Daisygate Chapter 10: “SPINOR”

  • Dominer Tigel – Mysterious “fixer” type with connections to dubious underground fey experiments.
  • Dr Kloner – Only known as somebody who experiments on Fey.

Dungeons & Dragons – Daisygate Chapter 11: The Demon’s Tooth

  • Jonson – Drunken boatsman found in Sunset Bay. Will ferry people to Demon’s Tooth
  • Family Holtenhausen – Family name of Brand’s arch enemy.

Dungeons & Dragons – Daisygate Chapter 12: The Disappearance of the Baroness

  • Lady in Waiting Simonette Le Prestre, a maid to the Baroness Leonilda herself and a love interest of Damon the Duskslayer.
  • The “Blood Keepers”, a local term for the Royal Guardians, an elite arm of the Daisygate with the sole purpose of protecting the royals.

Dungeons & Dragons – Daisygate Chapter 15: The Fey Blood Exchange

  • Lord Genlamin Yelfir – Elven Ambassador to Daisygate.
  • The Springborn Duke Astro Applemint of the Feywild.
  • Waltmeg the Weasel – Wereweasel with connections to the Daisygate underworld trade of Fey Blood.
  • Lazgar “The Gov’ness” Stoneeye – Leader of illegal gang of Fey Blood buyers and suppliers.
  • The Flying Snake’s Eyes – Illegal Gambling Den and hideout for Lazgar and her gang.
  • Bob the Ogre – An unusually intelligent Ogre and local ruffian found in the Gutters.

Dungeons & Dragons – Daisygate Chapter 16: Entering the Feywild

  • Mr Rabbit – A friendly Fey.
  • The Winter Queen – Alleged killer of Grimshaw’s Aunt Tholgina
  • The Mountain King, Somniumanax the Vibrant – Dream Dragon and Foe of both the Winter Queen and Damon the Paladin.
  • Snowflake Valley with Lake Everfrost in the centre. To one side was The Castle in the Cloud, the home of The Mountain King and to the other side, The Iceshard Palace, home to The Winter Queen.
  • Pond of Truth – A foul-minded entity with a vast amount of knowledge.

Dungeons & Dragons – Daisygate Chapter 17: An audience with the Mountain King

  • Bestla Beermaiden, Frost Giant and owner of The Roc and the Icicle.