Chapter 1: The Road to Daisygate

  • Husband and wife, Findal and Wivira Goldleaf and sons Linfire and Falkin, Halfling Farmers.
  • Margrave (Crookback) Filbert, Wayfinder.
  • Mike Magic, Blacksmith Apprentice to be at Thorkild Hochheim, Blacksmith in Daisygate.
  • Mona Fizduk and Berthilda Berg (presumed dead), Wizards and fans of Mike Magic.
  • Gorm (The Giump), Executioner.
  • Afrodeus Pien, Hartvig Hauser and the dwarf Barinok Coldstone, Scholars.
  • Bovun Grimple, Merchant.
  • Stirling Frostshadow, Captain of The Daisy Guard.
  • Baron Volkbert and Baroness Leonilda Von Crupp.
  • Mama Juju, Goblin Shaman.

Chapter 2: The Black Sapphire

  • Silvia and Karl Bluehaven – Deceased.
  • Vinvandrum Bluehaven – Scholar with connections to deep planes.

Chapter 3: Grimshaw’s Inheritance

  • Halfling Yarric Silverfoot. Owner of The Grumpy Golem.
  • The Scramble – Market place.
  • The Tiflings Shavius Karai and his wife Shavari. Owners of the law firm Devil is in the Details.
  • Bruuruk The Brain – Ogre leader of a gang of thugs in the Gutters.
  • “The Govenor” – Bruuruk referred to “The Governor” as somebody of importance in the leadership of the Gutters.

Chapter 4: The Fairydopterist

  • Dwarven librarian Yurnik Greystone.
  • Dr Wendell Cane aka “The Pixie Collector” – Presumed dead. Assassinated.
  • The Twilight Wine – Ancient cult consuming Fey believing they would gain eternal life.
  • Mysterious creature with a face full of tentacles.

Daisygate Chapter 5: The Baby Dragon

  • Randolf – Owner of Randolf’s Rarities and Oddities.

Daisygate Chapter 6: Burning of the Half Fey

  • General Dale Grumpenheimen, retired general of Daisygate. Now acts as military advisor and personal bodyguard to Baroness Leonilda Von Crupp
  • Duchess Oriel and Duke Richmut Kreutzberg of Fairecombe, the Golden City.
  • Mysterious Knight. Arch enemy of Brand Ander and personal guard to Duchess Oriel Kreutzberg.
  • Margo Oliveglade and her daughter Victoria. Poor residents of the Commons. The Nightshift saved Victoria from being burned on the stake as she was mistaken for a half fey.

Daisygate Chapter 9: A Rescue Mission to Avernus

  • Xinphalaxal The Angel Charmer – Pit Fiend patron of our Warlock, Alyanys

Dungeons & Dragons – Daisygate Chapter 10: “SPINOR”

  • Dominer Tigel – Mysterious “fixer” type with connections to dubious underground fey experiments.
  • Dr Kloner – Only known as somebody who experiements on Fey.

Dungeons & Dragons – Daisygate Chapter 11: The Demon’s Tooth

  • Jonson – Drunken boatsman found in Sunset Bay. Will ferry people to Demon’s Tooth
  • Family Holtenhausen – Family name of Brand’s arch enemy.