Campaign: Blight of the Iron Lich Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons – Blight of the Iron Lich – Chapter 2: Finding the Way

The Hellbenders decided to leave early noon making the most of the sun. Our heroes were heading down South through the Lush Lands hoping to find the ruins of Castle Rostak and hopefully some clues as to how to defeat the growing undead army. It was a long shot as the Rostaks up until a […]

Campaign: Blight of the Iron Lich Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons – Blight of the Iron Lich – Chapter 1: Return to Dragonskeep

While our heroes had only been in Hell for a short period of time, two years had passed in the mortal realm. They returned to Dragonskeep to find the lands and the castle battleworn, ruined from two years of continuous assaults. But to their relief they found Dragonskeep still standing and to add to the […]

Constructs Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons – Horror Gingerbread Men (Manufacturer unknown)

I have no idea how long I’ve had these two in my Pile of Shame but I can finally call them done. They were speed painted using Army Painter’s speedpaints in like 5 mins and they look great!

Dungeons and Dragons Orcs and Goblins

Dungeons & Dragons – Half-Orc Monk (Manufacturer unknown)

For this year’s Christmas oneshot, I needed a Half-Orc Monk and the only miniature that worked was this kung-fu miniature that I am not sure where I picked up or who the manufacturer is, but it worked. It has been speed painted using Army Painter’s Speedpaint and I am happy with the vibrant result.

Dungeons and Dragons Oneshots

Dungeons & Dragons – Christmas 2023 oneshot: Will the real Santa Claus please stand up

Most adventurers die having chosen a life of seeking fame and fortune. Some become powerful kings, queens and even gods. But a few adventurers simply live a long, successful life gathering some riches and some renown and by and large stay out of serious harm’s way. These few individuals retire living the remainder of their […]

Campaign: A Hell of a Payback

Dungeons & Dragons – A Hell of a Payback – Chapter 7: The Power in the Shadows of Hell

Having wrecked revenge on their arch-enemy Hammelthal and freed the soul of his victim Seipora, our heroes had only had one last thing to complete. They had learned that Basavaraj, the owner of the Burning Spice Tea Room, was the hidden threat to Belial lurking in his own city. What was unclear was whether Basavaraj […]

Cryx Dungeons and Dragons Warmachine

Dungeons & Dragons – Group of Cryx undead (Privateer Press)

I saw a video about the Slapchop painting technique on Youtube and it made me think about back when I played IK Warmachine in the early 2000s and how this technique would have allowed me to paint my Cryx much faster. I do think the Cryx I painted back then are better, but to put […]

Dungeons and Dragons Giants

Dungeons & Dragons – Oni of Skulls, Oni of Hate and Oni of Souls (Rising Sun, CMON)

I bought the Rising Sun board game as I wanted to add some oriental type monsters as muscle for my Rakshasa boss. I painted the Oni of War as the first one, and now I got a chance to paint the other three just in time for our D&D party to face them in an […]

Campaign: A Hell of a Payback Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons – A Hell of a Payback – Chapter 6: Showdown in the Warehouse

DM note, this is our game number 30 with the Hellbenders. “Hello? You in here?”, The party hidden listen to Hammelthal’s voice for the first time since his mockery after having killed Seipora in the tunnel. But they held their action believing he was talking to somebody else. “Mr. B? I’m here.” No reply. The […]

Campaign: Dawnstar Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons – Dawnstar – A Dragonlance Oneshot

DM notes, all previous campaigns since I started DMing again in 2017 have been my own settings but with a “backbone” in Forgotten Realms. This was my first attempt to actively break into another D&D setting: Dragonlance. Belspira, the Tiefling Wizard and owner of “Revered Relics“, Horkum, the Dwarven Monk and Chef at “Munch & […]

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Dungeons & Dragons – D&D Parties from 2017 to 2023

Just played a new D&D oneshot… maybe campaign… with some from our old D&D gang in London. It made me think about the parties we have had so far: The A-Team (name came after we started a second party called “The Nightshift”) Nightshift Hellbenders Double Trouble Dawnstar team (not named yet)

Dragons Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons – Topaz Wyrmling (MCDM)

Not really a big fan of this miniature to be honest, but I needed a little Dragon for a game so I speedpainted it and it will do the job. At least I can remove it from my Gallery of Shame.