Dungeons and Dragons Terrain and Scenery Undead

Dungeons & Dragons – Graves

I was looking through my bits box and found all sorts of things that could be decorations on graves and grave stones so I decided to make a bunch of graves using squares of cork and these bits painted as old brass. Really happy with these.

Dungeons and Dragons Giants

Dungeons & Dragons – Janissa Stonetide (Privateer Press)

For our current troll-focused D&D campaign, I needed a Troll leader that would really stand out and I think Janissa Stonetide from Privateer’s Trollblood line is awesome. To make her stand out even more, I decided to give her a very bright green skin, whereas my other trolls tend to fall into darker themes. This […]

Dungeons and Dragons Undead

Dungeons & Dragons – Troll and Dwarven Ghosts (Nolzur’s Marvelous-, Reaper- and Atlantis Miniatures)

These were quick and fun to make. If you have spare miniatures you do not know what to do with, you can quick paint them into stone statues (aka medusa victims). But another quick way to get use out of such minis, is to make them into ghosts. Simply spray them white and give them […]

Dungeons and Dragons Giants Horde Warmachine

Dungeons & Dragons – Trollkin Warders (Privateer Press)

As our current campaign is focussed around a growing pack of unusually well organised trolls, it has given me a chance to paint awesome Trollkin minis from Privateer Press. This group here reflects a gang of Trolls who have managed to armour themselves.  

Anthropomorphic races Dungeons and Dragons Oldhammer Projects

Dungeons & Dragons – Original Skaven Doom from 1990s (Games Workshop)

In my hunt for oldschool Night Goblins, one guy who sold me some gobos also had this original Skaven Doom Wheel for sale. I’ve never played Skaven, but they have always fascinated me and this Doom Wheel is simply a classic so I grabbed it too. Been super fun to paint. I wanted the wheels […]

Dungeons and Dragons Giants Warmachine

Dungeons & Dragons – Winter Troll and Ice Troll (Privateer Press)

One of the things I like about Privateer Press’ miniatures is how much the Trollkin miniatures reminds me of the Growlers from the long dead Vor The Maelstrom game. But at the same time they have their own identity and character. For our current Dungeons & Dragons campaign called “The Troll Hunt” I need trolls, […]

Campaign: The Troll Hunt Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons – The Troll Hunt – Chapter 1: The Hunt Begins

Following the successful, but unappreciated, efforts to send the Demons back to the Abyss, our heroes had no desire to help the High King with the looming threat of the hidden Necromancer. Indeed, the only appreciation was from the commoners who named the party “The Hell Benders”. Besides, Thorga had learned of the reappearance of the […]

Dungeons and Dragons Fiends Tiefling

Dungeons & Dragons – Succubus Semira Marise (Hasslefree Miniatures)

I’ve painted a copy of this mini in the past, but as a Tiefling so it was fun trying to paint the same mini again. I experimented with a few painting methods I haven’t really used before as I wanted her to look lush, almost like a brothel madame, First of all I wanted to […]

Terrain and Scenery

Dungeons & Dragons – Gaming board set 14 – Rocky plains

We will soon begin a new Dungeons & Dragons campaign that will most likely take place on a lush mountainside. While I do have a small, grassy Ultimate Dungeon Terrain I wanted something that felt more like wet, northern mountain/hill terrain. I normally make terrain that is fairly modular, but still with a cinematic feel. […]

Night Goblins Army Oldhammer Projects Orcs and Goblins

Warhammer Fantasy Battle – Night Goblins – Fanatics

Fanatics! Never leave home without them! I always liked the idea of Fanatics being dressed in bright yellow to alert other Goblins to their whirling presence. so when I got the chance to paint these little buggers again, I stuck to this concept. I really liked how they turned out, but still wanted them to […]

Night Goblins Army Oldhammer Projects Orcs and Goblins

Warhammer Fantasy Battle – Night Goblins – Skarsnik and Gobbla

Skarsnik was my general back when I played Warhammer Fantasy Battle 4th edition, so it was super fun to get to paint him again. Below is my original one from the 90s. With this latest one, I opted to paint Gobbla yellow to stay with how I used yellow throughout as a contrast colour. Yes, […]

Night Goblins Army Oldhammer Projects Orcs and Goblins Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Warhammer Fantasy Battle – Night Goblins – Netters

I can’t remember the last time I painted an actual full unit for a wargame. It must have been back when I played VOR The Maelstrom early 2000s. It has been super fun to paint these little gobos. They have so much character. It’s also been full to follow a set paint scheme, but try […]