Dungeons and Dragons Fey

Dungeons & Dragons – 2x Centaur Archers (Atlantis Miniatures)

I bought this fantastic Centaur miniature from Atlantis Miniatures back in 2019.

I liked it so much I grabbed a couple more with the intent to convert and paint them. But never got around to it as we then unexpectedly had to move from London (due to Brexit).

but as we are now heading into Fey teritory in our current D&D campaign, I decided to quickly paint them up using the same speed painting technique I used on this Sureflight mini.

I don’t know if I am as happy with these as I am with Sureflight, but they will do. I did repaint the torsos as they looked way too dark with the speedpaint result.

Sureflight with Centaur Archers supporting