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Warhammer 40.000, 2nd edition Goff Vs Space Wolves skirmish (820 points)

Having finished a few units and a few characters for my Space Wolves, I now have enough to field them against my Goffs.

So I made two 820 points armies with no psychics and minimum wargear cards to keep it simple.

Set up

I’m playing the Space Wolves and my friends Carlo, who I normally play D&D with, took the Goffs.

Bad Moons great shooting, Cyboars fast approaching down the right flank

Ragnar takes on the Snakebites head on

Long Fangs barraging the Bad Moons

Final Showdown between Ragnar Blackmane and Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka

Ghazghkull’s otherwise quite successful Kustom Blasta malfunctions and explodes leaving the floor open for Ragnar to charge.

Battle of the leaders

Ghazghkull wins second round of hand-to-hand and headbutts Ragnar with his Adamantium Skulls scoring a whopping 3 wounds downing the Wolf Lord.

Victory goes to the WAAAGH!