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Getting your players back to the beginner’s mindset in D&D

Listening to the ever-awesome Runehammer talking about the value of beginner’s mindset in D&D. Having that awe and wonder, that sense of not expectations of oneself or the game, nothing to prove and that sense of immersion and gravity of the unknown. The chat is almost 2 hours, but it is absolutely worth it if […]

Dungeons and Dragons Terrain and Scenery

Dungeons & Dragons – The Underdark terrain set made from cork table protectors

Inspired by this cool terrain tutorial I decided to make a small Underdark terrain set out of cork table protectors, glue and paint. This was fun, fast, easy and different to make. Normally I would never use these colour combos but frankly, crafting this terrain made me reminisce of the days when I was digging […]

Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons – Monster Mamas!

It feels like I am getting a good selection of Monster Mamas together by now. Yes, I have female elves, humans, dwarves, halflings etc, but there is something fun about female monsters. Giantkin Mamas     Villain Mamas     Fairytale and Mythology Mamas         Undead Mamas           […]


Dungeons & Dragons – Olaug The Ogre Witch (Monkstone Miniatures)

It was actually some pig folk that caught my eye from the The Three Pigs & Other Denizens of Dünnmere by Monkstone Miniatures, but when i looked through the minis available, I fell in love with this Ogre Witch. She\s been super fun to paint. Unfortunately, I had to repaint her skirt three times as […]

Dungeons and Dragons Monstrosities

Dungeons & Dragons – Umber Hulks (DnD Figurer)

These Umber Hulks are the first two 3D printed miniatures I have ever painted. I bought them at, a shop that prints and cleans 3D miniatures. They are good quality and the actual pose and design is pretty awesome. I have never painted Umber Hulks before, so I took my time using techniques inspired […]

Campaign: Daisygate Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons – Daisygate Chapter 20: 366 years later…

The party, having found themselves back in the material plan, but in the future, were trying to convince the wall guards to let them into what was left of Daisygate following a century long war with the Fey. While negotiating with the guards to get in, a platinum haired man riding a donkey carrying a […]

Dungeons and Dragons Humans Undead

Dungeons & Dragons – Necromancer (Heresy Miniatures)

This Necromancer miniature is such a mad wizard! Instead of a vain wizard with top hat and fancy cape, this guy simply has no care for his appearance and knows that flesh is just clay for him to mold. Nothing more. Somehow it makes him look crazy, unpredictable and powerful! I tried the same technique […]

Dungeons and Dragons Fiends

Dungeons & Dragons – Minor Fallen One (Heresy Miniatures)

This is such a classic devil look. Almost like the baby brother of this Diablo. There’s no way he could not be red skinned. I painted his scythe in the same molten metal style as I used on these Necrons and I am happy with the result. He will be a nice addition to my […]

Dungeons and Dragons Undead

Dungeons & Dragons – Ghoul Tribe (Heresy Miniatures)

I love using Undead in Dungeons & Dragons (who doesn’t?), but I haven’t used Ghouls much, mainly because I only had two! So I looked for some more and found this lovely Ghoul Tribe on Heresy Miniatures. I decided to try and paint them using enamel paint, something I’ve only recently experimented with, but where […]

Constructs Undead

Dungeons & Dragons – Bone Golem (Reaper Miniatures)

What an absolute nightmare of a miniature. I love it! It literally look like something that stepped out of a crazy necromancer’s head, or subconsciousness, and grew organically by its own will. I tried to use the enamel painting techniques that I have been experimenting with…. It turned out fine, but I think I could […]

Dungeons and Dragons Dwarves

Dungeons & Dragons – Plague Dwarves (Fenris Games)

I bought these dwarves from a kickstarter campaign. I swear I bought three but I think one has gotten lost in all the moving we have done recently :/ Nevertheless, super happy about these two. These minis are so full of character and I am happy with the paint job.

Dungeons and Dragons Fiends

Dungeons & Dragons – Fallen Big Boris (Heresy Miniatures)

I’ve been wanting to paint a Big Boris from Heresy for ages, but I tend to only buy and paint what I need. However, the Fallen Boris was simply too cool to not pick up, so I did (pick it up). This was a case of “paint and discover” where my idea of how he […]