LEGO – Space Classic MOC: Laboratory and Recreational Facilities

This one has been on the drawing board pretty much since I started sorting through my old LEGO bricks 3 months ago.

The first prototype can be seen in this landscape and the first floor was completed a month ago.

However, this laboratory and hang-out space for astronauts is now finished.

It’s been fun populating it with different activities in the lives of astronauts.

Now that it is finished, I do feel it looks quite boxy from the outside, but given it is placed in a corner on my shelves, you cannot really see the exterior. Nevertheless, I might change it to look more elaborate on the outside in the future.

For now it is done. here are some photos and a video and at the end some WIP pics. Hope you like it.

Close-ups of life in the station

Close-ups of the M-Tron arcade machine

The M-Tron series came after I grew up, but I have to say I really love the theme, but I don’t have the space for another LEGO landscape, so this arcade machine is my little tribute to the series.

Mixed WIP photos

Bricks arrived.

I used BrickLink Studio for the first time to help me design this.



My original drawing.

My space shelves