October 30, 2018 scrollmaster

While I don’t play Privateer Press games anymore, I still love their minis and some of them have that quirky personality and character I loved about Warhammer 40.000 Rogue Trader Orks and this fantastic Trollkin sailor is a great example of this. Pipe and dynamite strapped to his harpoon… what more do you need? However, for Dungeons and Dragons I’ve used him as a half-ogre instead as in my D&D world trolls are more feral and tend to be inspired by trolls from the nordics where I originally come from. Actually check out the movie The Troll Hunter to get a…

February 5, 2012 scrollmaster

Following sections have been migrated: Realm of Chaos – Campaign based on the old Warhammer Realm of Chaos warbands with photos and warband diaries. Rouge Trader – Warhammer 40,000 as it used to be. Vor The Maelstrom – I still miss this game immensely. Revisit the old battle reports, Golden Growler UK and much more. IK Warmachine and Hordes – A few pages missing mainly battle reports.